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Alright, ni iklan untuk gitar Taylor 114CE yang aku nak jual. I'll tell you all I know about this guitar, and my opinion of it (tu pasal lah panjang). That way you can make an informed decision.

First of all, kenapa aku nak jual gitar ni? Well, it's a good guitar, like I always said. The reason is simple, aku dah upgrade to Taylor 314CE. Basically, 314CE ni sound dia takde la drastically different from 114CE. It's still a Taylor, same body shape (Grand Auditorium = x14CE). Because of that, there's simply no good reason for me to keep the 114CE.

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Ok, ni spec gitar 114CE ni, to the best of my knowledge.

Type/Shape: 6-String Grand Auditorium
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides: Sapele Laminate
Soundhole Rosette: Plastic
Neck: Tropical American Mahogany
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
Fretboard Inlay: Pearloid Dots
Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood
Binding: Black Plastic
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Tusq
Tuning Machines: Enclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated
Scale Length: 25.1/2 Inches
Truss Rod: Adjustable
Neck Width at Nut: 1.11/16 Inches
Number of Frets: 20
Fretboard Radius: 15 Inches
Bracing: Standard II (Forward Shifted Pattern W/Relief Rout)
Finish: Varnish
Color: Natural
Cutaway: Venetian
Electronics: Taylor ES-T™
Body Width: 16 Inches
Body Depth: 4 5/8 Inches
Body Length: 20 Inches
Overall Length: 41 Inches
Case: Road Runner Hardshell
Year: 2008
Origin: Mexico


Kenapa Taylor?

The story of why I like Taylor acoustic goes back to mase aku amik class gitar dekat USC dulu many years ago. One of my classmates had a Baby Taylor, the smallest and cheapest Taylor out there. I didn't like that guy. He's thought he's good but he really sucked. But one thing I can deny is that I love hearing how his guitar sounded. It had crispy highs, yet not thin. Bila dia main chords, it sounded rich. And dia pulak baru belajar main gitar. So I concluded that that guitar is probably good.

A couple of years ago aku terpikir nak angkut acoustic guitar. I went to Guitar Center. Guitar Center kat area aku ni ada dua bilik. Bilik luar untuk yang murah sket, bilik dalam is more exclusive, reserved for high-end stuff like Martin, Breedlove, Gibson, Taylor and maybe two more brands. I wasn't too impressed with the guitars in the outer room. So I focused on the stuff in the inside room, although most of which were above what I was willing to pay at the time. But aku saja nak try cari apa yang aku suka, regardless of price.

I tried them all. From $250 Baby Taylor all the way to $3000 Gibson Songwriter. For the record, Gibson acoustics are really nice, but they don't really have anything below $2000. So it's out of my price range. I went back and forth between Taylors and Martins. I gotta say, I love Taylor more.

Bukan nak kate Martin tak bagus, no. They are just different guitars. Personally, aku suka Taylor sound macam yang aku sebut tadi. I like the crispy treble. And pada aku bass dia pon garang. The tone is right for me, for the way I play.

And lagi satu, Taylor ni dia punya playability memang bagus. It's good for primarily electric players like me because the neck is very comfortable. But neck dia tak tiru electric guitar bulat-bulat. I own an Ovation acoustic yang neck dia memang sebijik macam electric guitar. That's not necessarily good sebab bila kita main finger picking (or "plucking"), it's better to have a bit more distance between the strings. That way lagi senang nak make sure each string rings properly.


Sound Demo

Actually aku memula memang plan nak record sound demo khas untuk iklan ni. But I just figured, why reinvent the wheel? Some people on YouTube have done it, might as well use it. Honestly, Taylor manufacturing is very very consistent. Two of the same model would sound the same in reality. Yang membezakan sound dia is how you play it, what kind of string you use, and how you record and edit the sound.

The best way untuk korang tau sound dia macam mana ialah dengan try sendiri. Aku strongly recommend korang pegi kedai gitar yang jual Taylor. Yang aku tau Bentley Music and C&M Music ade jual Taylor. Try playing their 114CE. And if you try Taylors at the store, you'll notice that all Taylor acoustic have similar sound. Itu yang dipanggil Taylor punya signature sound. And kalau try Taylor 300s, 400s, 500s series dan keatas pon sound dia similar in my opinion. It just looks more fancy the higher the price.

But kalo nak dengar sound dia jugak, rather than watching my videos, try tengok video-video ni. Dia punya teknik record lagi bagus dari yang aku reti buat. Make sure tengok in HD, kalo tak YouTube akan downgrade audio dia (which is not good at all).

Yang kat bawah ni you probably won't understand what the guy is saying. But dengar part mula and ending untuk dengar sound gitar dia.

By the way, dalam demo-demo kat atas they're probably using post 2009 punya model, sebab tu dia punya fingerboard hitam (Ebony instead of Rosewood). Sound recording dorang tu is more like how the guitar sounds in real life, sebab dorang pakai condenser mic.

How does it sound plugged in? For that, let's talk about dia punya built-in pickup.


Taylor ES-T

Dulu-dulu brand Taylor ni pakai Fishman punya pickup. At some point, dorang decided to develop their own pickup system. Basically Taylor sekarang ade dua pickup system dia sendiri, ES and ES-T. ES ni ade dalam higher end models, 300s and above jek. ES ni dia ade multiple body sensors, under saddle and under fingerboard sensors. But 300s series and above ni is a lot more expensive la. My 314CE for example costs almost twice as much as 114CE. 200s series and below pulak pakai ES-T, under saddle pickup jek.

But Taylor 114CE ni, sampai la ke Taylor yang harga berbelas-belas ribu ringgit dia punya onboard EQ sama jek rupa dia. Just 3 knobs. Macam gambar model Koa (with ES) kat bawah ni.

Yeah, that's how Taylor is nowdays. Volume, Bass, Treble. Takde control yang fancy-fancy, takde built-in tuner with digital display, and other stuff. Aku ada dua gitar lain yang ada built-in tuner: Ovation dengan Cordoba. Their tuners aren't that great. You're not gonna get a Paterson-quality tuner built into your guitar preamp controls. And aku penah nampak gitar yang ade Fishman control penel yang besar gile, and I thought, "how much wood is taken out to fit that"? Dalam Taylor punya system, kayu gitar ni yang terpaksa di buang is obviously minimal. That's a good thing. Untuk phase switch, ade kat dalam soundhole. Tengok video bawah ni.

So cammana sound ES-T ni? Well, pada aku it's similar to ES, although of course not as good (otherwise you'd have to pay a lot more obviously). Sound difference antara ES dengan ES-T lebih ketara dari beza sound 314CE dengan 114CE bila tak pakai pickup, but it's still not a huge difference. Cuba pikir balik kenapa gitar acoustic ade pickup? Is it for recording? Actually, no. Recording sebaik-baiknya kena pakai condenser mic yang bagus. But kalau mix sound dari condenser mic dengan pickup punya sound pon ok gak. But pickup by itself is not a good idea, although I've done it.

Kenapa aku record gak pakai pickup alone? Sebab aku tak reti nak mic dengan betul, and adjust preamp mic tu. :P Actually skali jek so far aku record pakai mic, dalam video Another You too. Ha ha, in that video aku tak reti nak kawal ambient noise. In my other videos, you can hear the sound from the pickup, tak pakai mic.

Actually sebab paling penting pakai pickup bila main acoustic ni ialah bila nak perform depan orang ramai. In that case, you may want to plug in your guitar directly to an amplifier, since pakai condenser mic untuk acoustic guitar atas stage may not be a great idea (where the mic is relative to the guitar makes a lot of difference).

Another reason aku suka ade pickup ni ialah bila aku transcribe lagu, aku suka pakai headphones. So it's helpful to hear the song I'm transcribing along with the sound of my guitar through my headphones.

So kalau nak dengar sendiri pickup dia ok ke tak, kat kedai gitar, try cucuk Taylor 110E, 110CE, 114E, 114CE, 210E, 210CE, 214E, ataupon 214CE ke acoustic guitar amp. Semua model Taylor tu pakai pickup system yang sama. And make sure cucuk kat acoustic guitar amp. They're different from electric guitar amps. And macam amp gitar electric jugak, acoustic guitar amps will shape the tone.


Kondisi Gitar Aku Ni

It's definitely not brand new la kan. But I think it's in a very good condition. Aku memang jaga humidity gitar ni. Aku main tak pakai baju yang ada butang, that's why the back of the guitar is flawless.

Aku periksa betul-betul, aku rasa sign of wear kat gitar ni is a little bit dekat frets dia. Of course la kan dah pakai. But takde la ketara sangat, since aku main bukan bending gile-gile pon (I only do that on electric guitars). Tengok gambar ni. In fact, kalau download yang high resolution boleh lagi jelas kot.

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Bahagian top pulak takde la calar. Cuma ade slight dings here and there, dekat dengan soundhole. But pickguard ade la calar sket. Well, that's what pickguards are for. Tengok gambar bawah ni.

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Gambar-gambar Lain Gitar Ni

Ni gambar-gambar lain gitar ni. Click untuk besarkan. You can see that this is not a fancy looking guitar. Takde yang berkilat bersinar-sinar. Some may argue that kalau beli brand lain boleh dapat gitar yang berkilau-kilauan, that looks more flashy. What I'll say to that is that Taylor is a high-end brand, of high-end quality. Taylor punya signature sound is probably not what you can get out of other brands. Build quality pon blom tentu sama taraf. I'd personally choose even the small RM1,400 Baby Taylor over most other guitars of other brands.

Sorry la kalau color accuracy tak betul. Ni aku amik pakai camera kawan aku. Terpaksa bawak gitar ni gi office. Aku bukan reti nak edit sangat pon.

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Buatan Mexico?

Is it worse than buatan US punya?

Taylor punya yang model 200s series ke bawah setau aku semua dibuat di kilang Taylor dekat Mexico. Yang 300s series ke atas dibuat kat kilang Taylor kat US.

I own both US made (300s series) and Mexican made (100s series) Taylors. Pada aku, Taylor doesn't sacrifice quality from their cheapest to the most expensive models. Tak kira la buat kat Mexico ke, US ke, they're very well made. They make their lower priced ones outside the US obviously to save money. US labor is very expensive compared to Mexico.

And Bob Taylor, tauke brand ni, is still alive. Each Taylor guitar has his name on it, has his signature in the label inside the soundhole. He's not gonna damage his reputation by selling anything crappy.


Harga Gitar Ni & Urusan Jual Beli

Ok, let's talk money. First, jom tengok harga gitar ni kat Malaysia. Aku tak sure la kedai lain, but C&M Music jual gitar ni dengan harga RM4,150 (tak silap aku aritu dalam RM3,800), with a gig bag. If you go to Bentley ke untuk try gitar ni, see the price. Aku rasa still almost RM4k.

So, kalau ikut harga Malaysia, I think I can sell mine for about RM3k. Kalau aku jual harga tu siap boleh dapat untung lagi. But I'm not interested in making money out of it. Aku akan jual dengan harga yang aku rasa berpatutan untuk gitar ni, from US price perspective, which is cheaper. So aku nak jual dengan harga:


Kalau aku jual kat US gitar ni, it's very likely that I can get that kind of money anyway, especially since aku jual dengan hard case, bukan gig bag. And if I sell it in the US, the shipping is easier, and I can make money out of standard shipping and handling charges, and I'll get paid in cash, and less headache. But aku seboleh-bolehnya nak jual dengan orang Malaysia, because aku nak kasi peluang orang Malaysia dapat gitar camni at a more reasonable price.

Yes, RM2,200 for most players bukan sikit. Many people don't pay that much for their guitars. But aku rasa that's a fair price. And that's as low as I can go. So harga ni non-negotiable. See, kalau aku nak try amik untung aku akan letak harga tinggi sket, and then kalau orang negotiate baru aku turunkan sket. But since I'm not trying to make profit, I'm naming the lowest price that I can afford. Takyah susah-susah korang nak haggle.

Aku tak charge shipping from US to Malaysia. But kalau nak beli kena pick up sendiri gitar ni dari PJ. Aku akan ship gitar ni to somebody in PJ that will help me with the sale. Gitar ni akan berada di PJ dalam bulan July taun ni. So, kalau benar-benar berminat, kena kasi tau aku sebelum June 27th. If I don't see enough interest in it by that date, then aku takkan ship to Malaysia, aku akan jual kat US.

Since macam aku cakap tadi, RM2 ribu lebih ni bukan sikit. So kalau perlu, aku boleh kasi "skim bayaran mudah". Kalau nak bayar ansuran, ni conditions aku. Kena bayar RM1,200 by July or as late as August masa nak collect gitar ni, bawak salinan IC (I guess they call it MyKad now?) for my record, show the original, and sign an agreement to pay the balance within a year.

But aku tak nak amik duit korang kalau tak puas hati dengan condition gitar ni. So, bila datang kat location kat PJ tu, ko boleh examine sendiri condition dia, and try it for a little bit (no abuse allowed). But please jangan pakai baju yang berbutang. And try to avoid wearing a belt too, since belt buckle can destroy the back of the guitar. Kalau pakai jam tangan kanan (like me), bukak jam. Spike ke, gelang ke tak leh pakai kat tangan yang strum. Kalau rasa tak puas hati dengan condition gitar ni, I won't force you to buy it. But please, try dulu gitar ni kat kedai sebelum June 27th. That way bila datang nak periksa gitar ni, cuma tinggal periksa condition jek. Kalau dah try gitar ni kat kedai and rasa tak sesuai, we don't need to waste each other's time (and I don't have to waste on shipping it to Malaysia).

And as a bonus, sebelum aku ship gitar ni, aku akan install tali Elixir Medium yang baru. Tali ni aku dengar sampai RM60 kat Malaysia. Well, that string is good, and lasts longer than others. That's why Taylor memang install tali tu on their new guitars. I only use Elixir strings on my acoustic guitars. They sound great, and keep sounding great pretty long. On an acoustic guitar, the quality of the guitar, the strings and how you play are pretty much the only things you can do about the sound. So tali yang best memang penting.


Care Advice

Sejak aku berjinak-jinak dengan acoustic guitars ni, I guess I've learned a thing or two about taking care of them.

One thing about acoustic guitars is that pada aku, they're more sensitive than electric guitars. So, pay a bit more attention to them. Yang paling penting kena jaga aku rasa humidity. Gitar tak elok disimpan kat tempat yang udara kering. Here in Southern California, it gets pretty dry. Sebab tu la kat rumah aku sentiasa on humidifier. But kat Malaysia aku rasa it doesn't get dry (which is why I sweat a lot over there). But pay attention to it anyway, especially kalau kat rumah pakai aircond, since that can dry the air. Dryness affects playability of the guitar, and it can even crack it if it's too dry.

Symptoms of a Dry Guitar (Taylor Article)
Symtoms of a Wet Guitar (Taylor Article)

Lagi satu temperature. Malaysia memang panas. So jangan tinggalkan gitar dalam kereta kalau tak pasang aircond.

Generally, if you're comfortable, your guitar is comfortable too. Keep it in the case bila tak main kalau boleh. Lepas main, lap tali. And kalau jarang pakai pickup, keluarkan battery dia.

And there's no guitar in this world that will never need maintenance. It's always a good idea to get your guitar checked by a competent guitar technician once in a while. In fact, since aku tak sure how this guitar will react to the temperature and humidity once it reaches Malaysia, I'd suggest lepas beli, bawak gi jumpa guitar tech. Mintak dia adjust apa yang patut to optimize the playability (tell him the strings are brand new and you want to keep the set). Aku dengar ade kedai nama dia Mahogany dekat PJ kot yang bagus. I don't know since I don't live there.

Oh, lagi satu, don't let other people play your guitar, at least not without your strict supervision. ;)

Lagi Articles pasal maintenance (Pegi tab Tech Sheets)



Harga: RM2,200 (non-negotiable)

Shipping: Free from US to Malaysia, but kena ambil dari PJ sendiri

Tarikh Tutup: 27 June 2011. Email aku di atau kat Facebook. First come first served. But keutamaan diberi kepada yang sanggup bayar cash paling awal dari tarikh gitar ni sampai Malaysia. Aku akan buat wait-list (remember since nothing is final until the prospective buyer is satisfied with the condition and makes payment). Actually tarikh tutup ni hanya untuk aku decide samada nak ship to Malaysia or sell it in the US. You can still buy it if it's already in Malaysia and not sold yet.

Untuk bayaran ansuran: Bawa salinan IC untuk rekod aku, bawa original IC, bayar RM1,200 (masuk bank since ada record), sign agreement untuk bayar baki RM1,000 dalam masa setahun.


Review-review Orang Lain

Dekat Guitar Center punya website gitar 114CE ni rating dia 5-star out of 34 user reviews. Kat Musician Friend punya website pulak 4.5 stars out of 36 reviews. Ni antara review-review dorang. Again, I'd strongly suggest korang try sendiri jugak kat kedai berhampiran, besides reading other people's reviews.

"I've been playing professionally for over 40 years (started when I was 12) and have some really nice guitars including a '58 ES175, Ramirez classical, and Taylor T5. I was in Guitar Center on Labor Day and I just grabbed the nearest guitar which happened to be the Taylor 114ce. I was instantly blown away. Others in the room were playing much more expensive guitars but this little Taylor sounded pure as a bell and cut through the cacophony. I gave it a pretty good ride with both finger style and strummed... parts and was impressed with its playability, resonance, and intonation. For reference, I grabbed a $2K-plus Rainsong that sounded very nice and played great. I went back and forth and the 114 more than held its own even if it was not quite as balanced nor smooth. However, at 1/3 the price, this guitar is a steal! I bought the guitar after playing it for an hour and used it for a wedding gig a week later. I ran it through a Fishman Loudbox and got tons of compliments on the tone. Electronics are bright so roll off some highs and mids and boost bass to warm it up. Stay with Elixir strings - bronze are fine, phosphor bronze might be too bright. Finally, this is NOT a beginner guitar in the usual sense. While it certainly more than fills that bill, it is also an excellent option for pros that want a no-frills, great-playing, great-sounding guitar for gigging."


"I needed an acoustic electric guitar for playing coffee house, and open mic jams. I wanted the smaller body, the cutaway and electronics. I grew up playing a 1953 Martin 00-18 and have played a 1995 Martin HD-28 for the past 15 years. This guitar sounds similar to the old 00-18 I grew up playing(mahogany). The Taylor gives you intonation and projection that I have not found on any other acoustic instrument. I have found some Taylors to be lacking on the low end, but not this one. It is warm, smooth, bright and punchy - I realize that you are not supposed to get all those attributes in one guitar, let me tell you- you can. This guitar is awesome, I love it. It also records very well with an AT 2020 condenser in the studio. I recently used my HD-28 and the Taylor in the studio for a soundtrack project and it worked great. I like the sound of the mahogany/sapele Taylors a lot. I'm not selling the Martin, but this Taylor is the perfect other acoustic for me. If you play this guitar - you'll probably buy it."


Aku Punye ®